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Construction Progress

The original Exploration Green Master Plan called for Exploration Green to be constructed in five phases.  The Clear Lake City Water Authority (CLCWA) had estimated each of the five phases would require 1-3 years to excavate, or up to 15 years.  Voters approved a CLCWA bond issue by a wide margin in November 2016 that enabled the CLCWA to accelerate their schedule, possibly completing each phase in little more than a year. 


As a result of the Tax Day Flood of April 15, 2016, the Clear Lake City Water Authority changed the order of construction.  Phases 4 and 5 of the Master Plan became Phases 2 and 3 to prioritize protection of the Meadowgreen subdivision.  And jurisdictional questions from Harris County Flood Control, which controls part of the ditch in the planned Phase 3 caused it to be divided into Phase 3A and 3B.

With the exception of Phases 3A and 4 which are geographically separate, the CLCWA has constructed each phase one at a time.  This is to minimize noise and better manage construction traffic, thus minimizing the temporary inconvenience to local residents.

What is the construction status of each of the phases?

It is estimated that excavation and hike & bike trail construction account for approximately 80% of the effort of constructing each phase.  Planting wetland plants and trees account for about 10% each of the total effort.  The chart at right shows current status of each phase: 

  • Phase 1 - 100% complete (excavation, hike & bike trail construction, wetland plants and trees planted)

  • Phase 2 - 99% complete (excavation, hike & bike trail construction, and tree planting complete, and wetland planting nearly complete)

  • Phase 3A - 92% complete (excavation, hike & bike trail construction, and tree planting complete, wetland planting in progress

  • Phase 3B - Excavation complete.  Hike & bike trails under construction.

  • Phase 4 - 82% complete (excavation, hike & bike trail construction complete, tree planting in progress, wetland planting not yet started

  • Phase 5 - Excavation approximately 10% complete.

If you plan to visit Exploration Green, check the "What parts of Exploration Green Are Open?" section of the Map and Parking web page.

What is the status of the overall project?

The chart at left shows progress toward the overall project completion, which is expected in 2023.

Please visit the Clear Lake City Water Authority's Exploration Green Detention Facility web page for more detailed drawings and updates, and contact information for additional questions.

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