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Join Exploration Green!

Become a member of the Exploration Green Conservancy to join a community committed to the progress and preservation of native habitat in the heart of Clear Lake.  Your membership provides vital support and will help Exploration Green:

  • Welcome thousands of visitors every year

  • Provide free recreation and educational opportunities for the community

  • Create 6 miles of paved ADA-accessible trails

  • Maintain nearly 40-acres of both wetlands and permanent lakes

  • Upkeep almost 200-acres of native habitat for thousands of unique native trees and shrubs from approximately forty species


Exploration Green will return that commitment to you, its members.  Depending on the membership level selected, members will enjoy receiving Exploration Green’s digital newsletter, stickers to publicly show your support, priority registration for volunteer events, and private, members’ only tours conducted by Exploration Green’s volunteer Texas Master Naturalists. 


Join or renew your membership now to sustain Clear Lake’s green space!  Learn more about the membership impacts and benefits below.


For those who would rather not get stickers, hats, and the like, Exploration Green always appreciates regular donations.  Please visit our Donate web page for giving options.


If you would rather give of your time rather than money, please visit Exploration Green’s Volunteer web page.

Member Impacts

Environmental Impact

Becoming a member of Exploration Green means you are conserving 200-acres of urban green space that is home to:

  • 150,000 wetland plants and 5,000 trees

  • 40-acres of both wetlands and permanent lakes

  • 1,000+ native insects, plants, and wildlife species


Community & Economic Impact

Exploration Green gives back to its neighbors with the help of your membership by:

  • 500-million-gallons of stormwater detention

  • $300 million saved in flood damages in every 500-year rain event

  • Encourages positive health outcomes and connection for the local community

  • Numerous Conservancy-hosted educational and recreational events for all ages

  • 1,000 regular volunteers connecting with nature

Individual Membership Levels

Annual Level

Member Title

Impact Examples



Friend of EGC

Can provide a hand tool for the tree nursery

  • Subscription to digital EGC Newsletter

  • EGC window sticker/decal

  • Name recognition in the monthly newsletter when you sign up


EGC Explorer

Can provide a 20-30 wetland plantings for our native habitat, home to over 1,000+ native species

Benefits above, plus:

  • Priority invitation/sign-up to volunteer days

  • EGC official ball cap

  • Entry to a Members-Only Exploration Green Walking Tour


EGC Enthusiast

Can provide native wildflower seed, creating 2800 sq. feet of pollinator habitat

Benefits above, plus:

  • Name recognition on our website for one year


EGC Advocate

Can provide irrigation for up to ten new trees

Benefits above, plus:

  • Members-only special edition poster of Exploration Green; will feature a new photo every year!

Child and Family Membership Levels

Annual Level

Member Title

Impact Examples



Little Sprouts of EGC (Child ages 12 and under)

Can provide nesting space for baby birds and animals

Benefits include:

  • Personal invitations to family-friendly volunteer days & events

  • Little Sprouts Conservancy Member Certificate

  • Exclusive “Little Sprouts of EGC” Decal/Sticker


Furry Friend of EGC

Can provide dog station supplies to keep the green clean and healthy

Benefits include:

  • EGC Pet Bandana

  • Personal invitations to pet-friendly events

lil sprout horizontal.png
Help Us Drive More Green!


Exploration Green Conservancy is 100% volunteer supported. Hundreds of volunteers have donated thousands of hours to ensure our park thrives. Our volunteer opportunities include:

  • Committee participation, including communications, fundraising, amenities, finance, and environmental education

  • Outdoor park maintenance, including tree plantings and nursery upkeep


See Exploration Green’s Volunteer page for details.

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