Exploration Green was designed so that while it is providing a vital water detention and retention function for the Clear Lake area, it will also be done aesthetically with imbedded areas that can be mutually beneficial and enjoyable by the residents and local community.

The master design and layout incorporates a number of open spaces that can serve multiple purposes- a leisure and relaxation area, benches and scenic lookouts, walking and jogging trails, athletic fields, and more!


Trails for Hiking and Biking

Exploration Green has nearly six miles of asphalt trails available now for walking, running and biking.  The EGC is working now to raise funds to create new trails as each area is developed, maintaining the six mile distance and connecting to local schools, shopping, government offices, libraries, and places of work.



Open Spaces

Photograph by Roni Skirvin

Photograph by Roni Skirvin

Numerous open green spaces are planned throughout Exploration Green.  These will be not only aesthetically enhancing, but also a wonderful amenity for community enjoyment.  These spaces will be accessible for picnicking, open game space and leisure activities.  Additionally, all of the landscaping will be designed to attract natural wildlife, including native birds and butterflies, further adding to the enjoyment of these open spaces.

Athletic Fields

Two sports fields are planned for Exploration Green at the request of local residents.  It is expected that the fields will be for soccer or football, although other sports have been included in early plans as possible options.  The likely location for fields is in the Phase 1 area near the Clear Lake Recreation Center.

Community Input

The plans for Exploration Green are the result of community input as well as the guidance of experts in the areas of flood control and flood detention, landscaping and architectural design.  Thus far, three public Town Hall meetings have been held to encourage community feedback and these will continue as EG develops.  To find out more information about upcoming Town Hall meeting or to submit your feedback, please contact us.

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