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The Exploration Green Conservancy along with Clear Lake City Water Authority has formed an expert team of award-winning partners to create Exploration Green, including the Galveston Bay Foundation, SWA Architecture Group, Lockwood, Andres and Newnam. All will contribute to the creation of a state of the art, multi-use asset for the Clear Lake and Bay Area. 


The Clear Lake City Water Authority was created in May of 1963, to provide operate and maintain waterworks systems, sanitary sewer systems, storm sewer systems and drainage facilities to serve the land, home owners and residents of the Clear Lake area.

Clear Lake City Water Authority and Exploration Green are excited to be partnering with Galveston Bay Foundation (GBF). GBF has been preserving, protecting and enhancing Galveston Bay, one of the world's most productive estuaries since 1987.  As a nonprofit organization, they strive to ensure that Galveston Bay and the waters that run into it, remain beautiful and productive for generations to come.

Trees for Houston's mission is to plant, promote and protect trees all over the greater Houston area.  Founded in 1982 as the Live Oak Society, Trees for Houston expanded to plant, protect and promote all of Houston urban forest.  The organization has worked to that trees shade neighborhoods, clean air, beautify streets and slow runoff.  This tradition is vibrant today, with projects ranging Bush Airport to the Port of Houston, from the Energy Corridor to White Oaks Bayou, from the Kinkaid School to Texas Southern University.

SWA Landscape architecture at SWA involves the design of landscapes at a variety of scales - from large, multi-functional sites to small, intimate spaces.  Innovative research into materials, lifestyles and landscape technologies coupled with a deep understanding of how people use outdoor spaces informs our unique design process.  SWA's landscape architectural work has received worldwide recognition for its innovative excellence.

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Exploration Green

The Exploration Green Conservancy is 501 (c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to creating, maintaining and operating the habitat restoration and recreation facilities within Exploration Green, while concurrently supporting the use of the area for storm water detention.

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