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Scavenger Hunt

Challenge yourself to find all of the below items from the walking trail at Exploration Green Phase I.  Tip: many items appear more than once, so you have several opportunities to discover them!


The contents of this page were created by Ms. Amanda Morse as part of a Girl Scout Gold Award Project


Don’t Feed the Ducks Sign

Do you happen to see any Muscovy ducks walking around Exploration Green? Although they look friendly and may get close to you, please refrain from feeding them. The ducks are wild animals and like to eat bugs, rather than the snack bar in your pocket. Are you able to spot the “Don’t Feed the Ducks Sign?”

Bonus: How many Muscovy ducks are you able to spot?


Audubon Swift Towers

Audubon swift towers are hosted in numerous locations around Exploration Green. The towers provide a home for chimney swift birds and were all built by Exploration Green volunteers! How many Audubon swift towers are you able to spot?

  • The Audubon swift towers are usually not right next to the trail. Be sure to look father from the trail to spot these structures!

  • Can you spot any chimney swifts?


Bee Boxes

Bees are an important species in our ecosystem and bee boxes provide them with a home in their non-native environment. Although the bee boxes are fun to look at, don’t get to close- the bees may want to sting you! How many bee boxes are you able to find?

  • Bee boxes are near the trail, but they are small and easily missed! Be sure to look carefully!

  • How many bee boxes with bees are you able to find?


Bluebird Houses

The bluebird houses around Exploration Green have provided homes to several bluebirds. The metal cylinder around the base prevents predators such as raccoons from climbing up into the birdhouse. How many bluebird houses are you able to spot? Be sure you don’t confuse them with the bee boxes!

  • Can you spot a bluebird near a bluebird house?


Habitat Island

Habitat island is home to several species of trees and wildlife. Did you know that Exploration Green volunteers have to ride a Jon boat in order to reach the island? The picture below was taken during January, so be sure to come back and visit the island when the trees have their leaves again! Can you find habitat island?

Bonus: Habitat island is easy to see, but can you spot any birds or turtles resting on or near it?

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