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Oct 17, 2017

12:00 PM

Magic Wetlands and Ultimate Need to Reclaim Floodplains

John Jacob, Exploration Green Advisory Board member and leader of Texas Coastal Watershed Program, provides excellent guidance always, and in this blog post, he helps inform flood-weary Houstonians about magic wetlands and that for Harvey-scale events, we must reclaim our floodplains...


Because if we are going to plan like another Harvey is coming our way, then floodplains are the only green infrastructure that counts. Reclaiming our floodplains, which could absorb a Harvey, becomes our number one task. Yes buyouts are difficult and painful, but Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will the emerald necklaces of wide, unoccupied floodplains that eventually will run through our city, if we choose to reclaim the floodplains.  Make room for the river, say the Dutch. Let’s say it too. We have to get development out of the floodplains to make room for the bayous.

Read full article here.

Apr 22, 2017

12:00 PM

2017 Earth Day ... A Wonderful Community Event!

The Earth Day event at Exploration was a great success, with over 300 attendees visiting with 20+ exhibitors including Trees For Houston pictured below. 

See more Earth Day photos here.

Jan 31, 2017

12:00 PM

Community Shows Strong Support at EGC Town Hall Meeting

Nearly 130 Clear Lake citizens attended a Town Hall meeting hosted by Exploration Green Tuesday, January 31 at the Wesley Center and Clear Lake United Methodist Church. Guests gathered to hear updates on conservation and landscaping activity, wetlands development, hike-and-bike trails and fundraising from Exploration Green Conservancy volunteers. They also had the opportunity for Q&A with EGC Chairman Frank Weary and CLCWA President John Branch.

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Clear Lake turns ex-golf course into detention area to drain floodwater

Houston Chronicle article, February 11, 2017

IMPACT students find joy in nature through community service at EG tree nursery

The Observer article, March 17, 2016

Lee College Students Honored for EG Volunteer Work

On Point article, October 26, 2015

An initiative as significant as Exploration green has a variety of plans, activities and decisions that are of interest to Clear Lake area.

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